Your cat will meeeow for the wide selection of high-quality cat foods and treats we stock. We have raw, gently cooked, freeze dried, canned, and dry foods, mostly from smaller companies that pay extra attention to sourcing and quality.

Cats are obligate carnivores, so you won’t find foods that contain high amounts of grains and other fillers. We recommend a diet high in moisture and low in carbohydrates for any healthy cat.

Is your cat picky? No problem. We have a great exchange policy and we’re happy to help you find just the right diet for your cat.

Our Products

We have dry, canned, raw and freeze-dried cat food from these brands:

  • Acana
  • Almo
  • Annamaet
  • Answers
  • BFF
  • Caru
  • Daves
  • Farmina
  • Forza10
  • Fromm
  • Fussie Cat
  • Honest Kitchen
  • Inaba
  • Instinct
  • Lotus
  • My Perfect Pet
  • Nulo
  • Nutrisource
  • Oma’s Pride
  • Open Farm
  • Orijen
  • Primal
  • Pure Vita
  • Raw Essentials
  • RAWZ
  • Small Batch
  • Stella & Chewy
  • Steve’s Real Food
  • Tiki Pets
  • Triumph
  • Verus
  • Weruva
  • Wysong